Kidology Learning to Write School Workbook for kids Tracing Lines | Preschool with coloring images and cognitive games to write, read and draw, hand-eye coordination (Stroke Line Stage 1, 64 Pcs)

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Are you struggling to encourage your child to prepare to write, read and draw easily and without boredom? So “The Book of Learning to Write – Tracking Lines”. The wide-ranging A4 exercise book for kindergarten and preschool with coloring images and cognitive games offers a variety of exercises to support fine motor skills, concentration and hand-eye coordination. This old way of transferring knowledge and experience requires superior performance from the brain. Handwriting is a very complex process involving precise markers, curvatures and transitions between the lines. If perfected, it not only helps him write fluently, but also helps him learn to read. Icons and photos: Drawing simple pictures and shapes is fun. Strengthens your child’s self-confidence and also develops his or her imagination. Subconsciously supports a sense of mathematical shapes, marks and symmetries. Using this exercise book: You will funny and cheerfully support your child’s chart skills and equip them to write letters and numbers. Pages alternate between a focus line tracking exercise and a coloring exercise.Lines and shapes for beginners: Simple and short exercises ensure early success in identifying directions, shapes and lines with the first hand-eye coordination experiences. Turns and bows for applicants: Improves your child’s sense of holding and steering the pen properly.

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